Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing

                                                                                                                                        – O. Wilde –


YellowSudmarine is an association of licensed tourist guides that works on tourist projects aiming at enhancing the natural, human and cultural resources of Campania Region, for a widespread social and sustainable development in terms of human dignity and natural resources exploitation.

YellowSudmarine is a wandering lab of ideas and experiences. We project new itineraries and carry out guided tours on well known sites as much as on less beaten ones. We propose special activities for schools and organize and support art and cultural events on our region traditions.

The idea comes from our cultural DNA: the love for our motherland and the effort to be responsible inhabitants where we often feel the need to stand for its defence. As tourist guides we want to show you our land in its pure reality, the way it is and make it understandable in its entirety as in a painting with lights and darks. We know we have such diamonds so lights will prevail always despite the big challenge.

Our logo already states clearly the attributes we love, the yellow of the sun, the deep blue of the sea and the South, that recalls in this context the South of Mediterranean, the nest of so many civilizations including the western one. We are in the South of Italy, we belong to this wider South, this melting pot of cultures where we share food, music, architecture and much more as concentric circles.

As a submarine we’ll cruise deep in the past and present history of places and peoples; with the help of our expertise and the typical warmth of Southern Italy hospitality we support you to make your travelling here light and fun, comfortable and exciting to satisfy your curiosities and needs.