Covid-19 has arrived on the planet like a storm…forcing us to stop and keep calm, stay safe, and at home.

We wish to express our sincere solidarity to those who have been deeply affected by its impact.

Last months have been a time of change for all of us.

Time for slowing. Time for thinking. Time for changing, hopefully for the Good.

Tourism is undertaking a total revolution. In Italy at the moment, they allow only tours for small groups (up to 10 or less), at the right social distancing (1mt), with the use of headsets.

They’re promoting less beaten paths, so to decongest the fluxes. It’s the right time to prefer sustainable and responsible tourism, to support the local economy.

A revolution we’ve started long ago. Since our very beginning.

Yellowsudmarine tours are:

  • safe and slow
  • only for small groups, up to 10 persons
  • on less beaten paths
  • out from the crowd
  • sustainable, responsible and eco-friendly

According to new rules caused by Covid-19:

  • at the respectful physical distancing
  • we must wear masks, both the guide and guests
  • we must use headsets
  • we must respect the new rules and new methods of access into a site (to buy tickets, to book our entrance, to use mandatory routes or anything else which might affect our tour)

As rules are changing rapidly according to the updating risk, please contact us to know more details.