The sacred Mile

San Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples is tenderlyvenerated in the city, wepray to himasking protection against disasters, such as eruptions of Vesuvius, but also against unexpected events … “San Genna,assist us!” First we go to Capodimonte hill and then down into the womb, in the catacombs where the saint was buried. Through large tunnels, dug in the Neapolitan yellow turf, we arrive at the early Christian Church of San Gennaroextra moenia, and then emerge in the quarterSanità, one of the most distinctive and controversial, famous since antiquity for its healthy air, but used as a burial-place, where there is the impressive ossuary of the Fontanelle cemetery. Thenwe return to the Basilica of St. Maria dellaSanità, to explore the Catacombs of San Gaudioso. The itinerary ends at Porta San Gennaro, whose fresco in the lunette reminds us that San Gennarocomes always along with us!

Entrance fee: € 9 St Gennaro and St GaudiosoCatacumbs (open everyday – St Gennaro 9-17, Sun 9-14; St Gaudioso 9-13) + free FontanelleCemetry (open everyday 10-16)