City: Pozzuoli Guide:

Gourmant minicruise

This tour sees us sailing the Gulf of Naples on a historic, 20m gulet, past luxurious Posillipo villas, Roman ruins, and into the neighbouring Gulf of Pozzuoli. Anchoring in historic Pozzuoli, we explore the city’s… continue reading Gourmant minicruise

City: Sorrento Guide:

The lovely minicruise

A cruise along the coast of Campania brings us in the story of the origin of our people. Along the fertile coast of the Phlegrean Fields and the hard limestone of the rocky Sorrento Peninsula,… continue reading The lovely minicruise

City: Herculaneum Guide:

Earth and air

Vesuvius is the symbol and icon of the city of Naples. Along its paths we meet solidified lava flows in fanciful shapes, native vegetation and fauna still very wild. Riding the top of the Sleeping… continue reading Earth and air

City: Pozzuoli Guide:

Water and fire

The volcanism light the soil with beautiful colors: red as the ferrous deposit of Vesuvius, white sandy kaolin in the Solfatara, tuff emerald on the green island of Ischia, and the golden yellow of the… continue reading Water and fire

City: Naples Guide:

Urban Trekking

Naples expanded over the centuries on gentle hills sloping down to the sea. To reach its peaks, there are many flights of stairs and funiculars that run up and down these hills. The city is… continue reading Urban Trekking