City of art

City: Avellino Guide:

The transhumance

Guided tour of the city of Ariano Irpino, horseback riding, mountain biking or walking along the streets of the Royal Tratturo of Transhumance, trails used by shepherds to transfer, every season, the herds from one… continue reading The transhumance

City: Avellino Guide:

The prehistory of Campanian people

In Taurasi, we can visit the old town, castle, and visit a winery producing Taurasi, the only certified DOCG wine in Campania. Here we can have a wine tasting and lunch at the winery. In… continue reading The prehistory of Campanian people

City: Avellino Guide:

Avellino: the sites of art

Avellino sites of interest are the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the Old Town Hall, Villa Comunale and Museum and Provincial Library Irpino; nearby there is the small town of Mercogliano where the funicular railway takes… continue reading Avellino: the sites of art

City: Benevento Guide:

Telesina valley

Our route will cross the Cantina del Sannio, an area named for its large production of certified DOC wine in Campania. The zones of Solopaca, Aglianico and Falanghina are known for various types of wines… continue reading Telesina valley

City: Benevento Guide:

Caudina valley

Our itinerary will take us across some towns in the Caudina Valley surrounded by green mountains- towns of Apollosa and Montesarchio, Bonea and Arpaia are close by. In Arpaia, we can relive the crushing battle… continue reading Caudina valley