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City: Pozzuoli Guide:

Support the petition “Be quick!” (week end and festivity)

Volcano, Solfatara and Rione Terra The volcanic hazard is the probability that a volcanic eruption will occurand vulnerability of a population near to where a volcanic event might occur.Our land has always been inhabited thanks… continue reading Support the petition “Be quick!” (week end and festivity)

City: Capri Guide:

Capri by gozzo

Gozzo is a typical local boat, when you say gozzo in Naples, it means Sea: the slow splutter of the engine, the waves dashing on the bow and its wood that smells of water and… continue reading Capri by gozzo

City: Pozzuoli Guide:

Baia in canoe

The gentle inlet of the town of Baia is the remains of an ancient crater, one of many within the Phlegrean Fields Caldera. The supervolcano, in addition to Vesuvius, is still active and “breathes”, pushing… continue reading Baia in canoe

City: Naples Guide:

THE ENCHANTED FOREST (tour for children)

Our foreston theCapodimonte hill, with its 124 hectares and 400 varieties of trees, such as oaks, elms, holm oaks, linden trees and chestnuts, is the largest green areain the city. We play there with the… continue reading THE ENCHANTED FOREST (tour for children)

City: Naples Guide:

The sacred Mile

San Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples is tenderlyvenerated in the city, wepray to himasking protection against disasters, such as eruptions of Vesuvius, but also against unexpected events … “San Genna,assist us!” First we go… continue reading The sacred Mile