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City: Naples Guide:

{:en}Marechiaro and Gaiola by boat{:}{:it}Marechiaro e la Gaiola{:}

{:en} We embark by the Castel dell’Ovo, to sail along the coast to the village of Marechiaro, an intimate strip of land on Posillipo hill, overlooking a stretch of water so clear, you can’t imagine… continue reading {:en}Marechiaro and Gaiola by boat{:}{:it}Marechiaro e la Gaiola{:}

City: Herculaneum Guide:


{:en}  According to legend, Herculaneum was founded about 3000 years ago by Hercules, on the southern slope of Mount Vesuvius, overlooking the sea. Herculaneum was also destroyed by Vesuvius in 79 AD but while Pompeii… continue reading {:en}Herculaneum{:}{:it}Ercolano{:}

City: Pompeii Guide:


{:en} The city, submerged by the effects of the catastrophic eruption in 79 AD, emerges from the past and reveals its eternity. This tour walks across the places of religion, the ludi gladiatori, the ancient… continue reading {:en}Pompeii{:}{:it}Pompei{:}

City: Naples Guide:

{:en}Museum of Capodimonte{:}{:it}Museo di Capodimonte{:}

{:en} Housed in a former royal palace overlooking Naples, the mighty Museum of Capodimonte boasts one of Italy’s greatest art collections. This tour takes in the highlights, from Massacio’s revolutionary (PAINTING) and Caravaggio’s brooding masterpiece,… continue reading {:en}Museum of Capodimonte{:}{:it}Museo di Capodimonte{:}