Ciao! I’m an Official Tourist Guide in Naples and Campania, I have a Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and, in addition, I have completed a Course for Agents of Local Growth and Tourism. I am looking forward to meeting you, here and arranging for you an uncommon and special experience in “my land”! I was born here, on this volcanic soil, among the sky and the sea, the fire, the air and the land you’re going to meet in all its magic splendor. I organize cultural activities and events aimed at informing people about environmental issues or to focus attention on neglected places. I’m also interested in eco-sustainable and responsible tourism.  I love walking in nature with my dog, meeting my friends around a table of food of typical local products and good wine.  I also enjoy photography and creating videos.  I love dancing, art, and of course, I am totally passionate about my job.



I am an Official Tourist Guide in Campania, Italy and graduated in Naples in Conservation of Cultural Heritage. I lived abroad for many years, where I was an interpreter and translator. Now I am back to Naples, my motherland, where I work fulltime in Tourism.  I plan and guide tours for Italian, Spanish and South American tourists, who wish to have an unforgettable experience in my land.  I love passing on my knowledge of art history, traditions and culture, to leave in my guests an indelible memory. I love sports and travel, but when I’m home I devote myself to cook for my family, testing new dishes of other cultures. I’m passionate about gastronomy, so during my tours we never miss a tasting of typical Neapolitan cuisine!




I was born in Naples in the notorious Spanish Quarter, a place so real that it shapes your soul forever. I am a son of Naples and I love her madly. I have a Degree in Theatrical Literature at the University Federico II, and a Master in Management of Cultural Heritage. I organize events focused on performance art. I am an Official Tourist Guide in Campania, Italy, but I have not forgotten my first love: the theater. Today I am the Artistic Director of the acting Company “Actor Carpentry”. The mild climate, the beauty of its coast, the long-term history, the rich variety of its food and products, make of Campania a land to discover. Small villages are embedded in its lush Mediterranean vegetation, full of history, art and traditions. My vocational education in art history and theater will be involved to give a different voice to tours in this wonderful land!