City: Pompeii Guide:

Pompeii & Mt Vesuvius

Buried under volcanic ash for a millennium, the ruins of Pompeii are Europe’s most evocative ancient ruins. We explore the ghostly sites of ancient cults, gladiatorial ludi (games), otium, gardens, and ancient neg-otium (shops). From… continue reading Pompeii & Mt Vesuvius

City: Naples Guide:

Naples: historic centre

Spanning almost three millennia, Naples’ historic heart is an extraordinary architectural and cultural feast. This half-day tour sees us exploring some of the area’s most remarkable treasures, from Graeco-Roman archaeology under the Gothic Basilica di… continue reading Naples: historic centre

City: Herculaneum Guide:

Herculaneum & Oplontis

Even better preserved than Pompeii, compact Ercolano will amaze you with its ancient frescoes, mosaics, furnishings, and advertisements. After snooping around its frozen-in-time homes, businesses and meeting places, we head to the equally remarkable Villa… continue reading Herculaneum & Oplontis

City: Amalfi coast Guide:

Amalfi coast

A UNESCO World Heritage site, ‘state route 163’ is a masterpiece of human engineering. Following the natural outlines of Europe’s most spectacular coastline, it runs through picture-perfect villages, historic towns and verdant cliffs dotted with… continue reading Amalfi coast

City: Capri Guide:


One of the Mediterranean’s most fabled and fashionable islands. It’s a fusion of culture and leisure, where strolling and swimming combine in one thoroughly memorable day.  Highlights of our full-day visit include vibrant, chic Capri… continue reading Capri

City: Sorrento Guide:

Sorrento & Positano

A full-day tour taking into two jewels of the Campanian coast. Our journey begins in Sorrento, celebrated for its relaxed lifestyle, historic hotels, traditional crafts and famous limoncello liquer. After exploring the city’s lively laneways… continue reading Sorrento & Positano